Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CCL Monthly Theme Challenge - Altered Items

Howdy, crafty friends! Time for June's theme challenge from Creating the Crafty Life! This month our theme is altered items. HOW FUN IS THAT?! As a member of CCL's design team, I have created an altered project to share with and hopefully inspire you. The challenge is to not only alter an item, but to include LACE somewhere (anywhere) in your project. Here is what I made:

I snatched this wooden flower basket from one of the dollar bins in Michael's. Right away, I though it would be perfect for a pin cushion, and I love the fact that it doesn't look like a "normal" pin cushion. I took the handle off and painted & crackled the flower faces. I adhered lace to the sides and created a butterfly out of the same lace, using mesh bling for its body and flower stamen for its antennae. I added more trim here and there along the lace edges, then filled the inside with rocks. I attached a fluff-filled bit of black leather to the inside top of the basket, creating the pin cushion. Last thing to do was stick a couple of pins in it for effect! Hope you like!

'Til then,

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  1. I love the way you can look at something & see the potential in how it might look. It's like you're carving stone with an image of the final product firmly in your mind, even as you're looking at a mere blob of rock. I would never have thought of turning a small wooden basket-y thing into a pin cushion. And love the lace butterflies! As well as your gorgeous decorative pins! :)